5 Product Marketing Programs that Add Immediate Value

Revenue Optimization & Customer Satisfaction The role of a Product Marketer entails the management of programs that add immediate value for your organization and your clients. Based on industry expertise and personal experience, these 5 initiatives lead to greater revenue, customer satisfaction, and compounding benefits – especially when executed in unison. 5 Product Marketing ProgramsContinue reading “5 Product Marketing Programs that Add Immediate Value”

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Drafting Positioning Statements

Defining Your Solution Whether your team is preparing for a new product release, corporate rebranding, or iterative campaign experimentation, the responsibility lies with Product Marketing Managers to craft Positioning Statements that convey your solutions’ function and value. No marketing initiative is more subjective, yet critical to the success of demand generation, lead conversion, and go-to-marketContinue reading “10 Do’s and Don’ts of Drafting Positioning Statements”

40 Things To Do For Your Next B2B Software Launch

B2B SaaS Product Launch Guide Releasing new software can be a struggle for mature organizations, and even more so for early-stage startups. 95% of products launched by established companies are destined for failure, according to Harvard Business Review. With the responsibility of executing successful debuts, Product Marketing Managers must deliver to achieve the statistical improbability thatContinue reading “40 Things To Do For Your Next B2B Software Launch”

30-60-90 Day Plan for B2B Product Marketers

Are you a new Product Marketing recruit, or a Marketing Leader hiring Product Marketers? You’re likely tasked with defining overarching go-to-market strategy while achieving iterative and incremental growth optimization. Execution against these goals differs from one team to another, but for many, Product Marketing Managers influence 5 core strategic functions: Here is a sample of aContinue reading “30-60-90 Day Plan for B2B Product Marketers”