Hello, my name is Anthony. 👋🏼

I’m a product marketing professional evangelizing technology that aggregates online behavioral data to personalize digital experiences. Throughout my career, I’ve executed go-to-market strategy for products generating tens of millions in revenue, time savings, and value created.

I graduated from San Jose State University and continued my education in technology, business administration, and liberal arts at Stanford and Harvard University. I enjoy touring the Pacific Coast and playing rugby alongside professional athletes and Olympians.

7 years

of experience in marketing

12 products

shipped to thousands of users

$24 million

generated in revenue & cost savings

  • 04/2022 Managing Product Marketing for Enterprise Engineering at Meta

  • 08/2021 Led Global Product Marketing at SalesIntel

  • 2/2020 promoted to Product Marketing Lead at Arena, a Plug & Play portfolio company

  • 3/2019 joined Plug & Play Tech Center as Solutions Consultant

  • 11/2017 transitioned to Mintigo as an Account-Based Marketing Product Specialist

In the short time he’s been with us, he’s managed to launch our client-requested internal marketing campaign, which includes community practice meetings, survey management, training material, and product videos, as well as orchestrating a strategy for product adoption. I have enjoyed working with Anthony and believe the best is yet to come